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Gnosis 47: Prayer and Meditation. A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions

Gnosis 47: Prayer and Meditation. A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions (New)

by Gnosis

Publisher: Gnosis

Binding: Magazine

Book ID: GNO47, GNO47

Price: $9.00


"If prayer assumes a dialogue or interaction with the Other, and meditation enables us to discover that the Other is, at root, our deepest self, the final fruit of such efforts is the realization that all beings are passengers on the same ark."
-- Jay Kinney, from the introduction

Contents -- Spring 1998


by Jay Kinney

Up Front


News & Notes

The Kabbalah goes mainstream; roadside shrines of the Southwest.

Introduction: Pray Tell

by Jay Kinney
Do you need to be able to sit still to meditate or pray?

The Essence of Prayer

by Theodore J. Nottingham
True prayer may have more to do with changing your inner nature than with getting what you ask for.

Way of the Sacred Pipe

by Jay Cleve
In the American Indian tradition, the sacred pipe is both a portable altar and the embodiment of a teaching.

Toxic Prayer: An Interview with Larry Dossey

by Richard Smoley
The bestselling author discusses the unsettling possibility that prayer has power to hurt as well as heal.

The Sufi and the Zen Master

by John W. Groff Jr.
How two masters from different traditions helped bring about one man's awakening.

The Soul in Prayer

by Robert Sardello
On engaging with the inner life of your consciousness in prayer.

Mysteries of the Sun

by Siobhan Houston
The Bulgarian magus Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov taught a "yoga of the sun" as a means of spiritual growth.

All That Glitters: An Interview with E.J. Gold & Co.

by Richard Smoley
The idiosyncratic teacher and his team talk about death, angels, Gurdjieff, and dressing up in chicken suits.

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