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Gnosis 36: The Inner Planes. A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions

Gnosis 36: The Inner Planes. A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions (New)

by Gnosis

Publisher: Gnosis

Binding: Magazine

Book ID: GNO36, GNO36

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"People tend to describe themselves as traveling on the astral level when they're really traveling in their own inner world. And any demons in it are their own inner demons."
- Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, from Exploring the Inner Realms: The GNOSIS Interview with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

Contents -- Summer 1995

Up Front


News & Notes

Including The Burning Man, the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral, Myth in Our Time Conference at Dartington Hall, Devon, UK, and 2nd Annual Sufism Symposium report.

Introduction: Stairways to Heaven

by Jay Kinney
Just where are those inner realms?

Wise Men from the East

by Stephan A. Hoeller
Do the adepts live in Himalayan fastnesses or in our own psyches?

Exploring the Inner Realms: The GNOSIS Interview with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

by Frank Donnola
A celebrated British occultist discusses the inner dimensions and her experiences with her teachers.

Dr. Dee and the Spirits

by Cherry Gilchrist
The Elizabethan magus John Dee spent years conversing with the spirits. The pitfalls he fell into may serve as warnings for us today.

Light from Ten Spheres

by Edward Hoffman
How to use the kabbalistic Tree of Life to take stock of your present state of being.

Heavens and Hells

by Gary Lachman
According to the Swedish visionary Emanuel Swedenborg, heaven and hell are where your heart is.

Strange Encounter in Jogjakarta

by John Krajewski
In which an elusive tourist guide reveals himself to be a meditation teacher.

Chaos Magic

by Siobhan Houston
A peek into this irreverent modern recasting of the magical tradition.

On Ahmusta Kebzeh

by Murat Yagan
This ancient Caucasian tradition views the source of all things as being "the energy of consciousness."

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  • The Well of Remembrance: Rediscovering the Earth Wisdom Myths of Northern Europe by Ralph Metzner
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  • Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism by David R. Fideler
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