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Gnosis 34: Healing. A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions

Gnosis 34: Healing. A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions (New)

by Gnosis

Publisher: Gnosis

Binding: Magazine

Book ID: GNO34, GNO34

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"Our energy fields often look like mosaics of pieces from family, friends, co-workers, people seen on TV, or even random strangers encountered on the street."
- Rebecca Wilson, from The Art of Psychic Healing

Contents -- Winter 1995
Up Front


News & Notes

Introduction: A Healing Tale

by Jay Kinney
How a healing experience inspired this issue.

The Art of Psychic Healing

by Rebecca Wilson
Psychic healing may help you reoccupy your own space and cut away unhealthy attachments.

Healing and the Spiritual World: The GNOSIS Interview with Barbara Brennan

by Jay Kinney
The best-selling healer and author talks about intuition, subtle planes, and visions of Mary.

Taoist Healing Through Chi Nei Tsang

by Dennis Lewis
This form of abdominal massage aids clients in "digesting" emotions.

What's the Use of a Tiger?

by Mary Hendryx
If animal totems work for sports teams and consumer products, maybe they can do something for you.

Sole Searching

by Ray L. Beck
Reflexology teaches that the foot is a handle for working with the whole body.

From Woundedness to Union

by Cynthia Bourgeault
Thomas Keating's Centering Prayer may offer a way for processing the contents of the unconscious.

Hermetic Healing in Italy

by Dana Lloyd Thomas
Italy's Brotherhood of Myriam has roots in Pythagoreanism and Masonry.

Beyond the Ideology of Healing

by Richard Grossinger
Holistic healing may have become yet another quest that takes us away from ourselves.

Gnosis: Goal or Ground?

by John Wren-Lewis
Are the notions of "growth" and "evolution" themselves obstacles to gnosis?

The Solar Temple Dossier

A special supplement on the background of the recent tragedy, including an analysis by scholars Massimo Introvigne and J. Gordon Melton and the complete texts of the Solar Temple's final pronouncements.

Book Reviews

  • The Imagination of Pentecost: Rudolf Steiner and Contemporary Spirituality by Richard Leviton
  • The Unknowing Sage: The Life and Work of Baba Faqir Chand edited by David Christopher Lane
  • The Key of It All, Book One: The Eastern Mysteries by David Allen Hulse
  • Mystical Christianity: A Psychological Commentary on the Gospel of John by John A. Sanford
  • Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are by Bob Frissell
  • Matrix IV: The Quivideum by Val Valerian
  • Kooks: A Guide to the Outer Limits of Human Belief by Donna Kossy
  • The Magick of Thelema: A Handbook of the Rituals of Aleister Crowley by Lon Milo DuQuette
  • New Aeon Magick: Thelema Without Tears by Gerald del Campo
  • Flat Rock Journal: A Day in the Ozark Mountains by Ken Carey
  • Black Madonnas: Feminism, Religion, and Politics in Italy by Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum
  • Seal of the Saints: Prophethood and Sainthood in the Doctrine of Ibn Arabi by Michel Chodkiewicz
  • An Ocean Without Shore: Ibn Arabi, The Book, and the Law by Michel Chodkiewicz
  • The Power of Trees: The Reforesting of the Soul by Michael Perlman
  • Sacred Trees by Nathaniel Altman

Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality
Allen, Lasara Firefox
Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.

"Jailbreaking the Goddess is an important contribution to the writings on Goddess tradition and feminist spirituality. . . . I love her political savvy, her sensitivity around issues of diversity and cultural awareness and appropriation, and her unabashed celebration of pleasure, sensuality, and life!" -- Starhawk

Jailbreaking the Goddess is a revolutionary revisioning of the feminine divine. Where the maiden, mother, crone archetypal system is tied to female biology and physic...

Price: $22.99

The Sworn Book of Honorius: Liber Iuratus Honorii The Sworn Book of Honorius: Liber Iuratus Honorii
Honorius of Thebes
Ibis Press / Nicolas-Hayes

As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts have survived. Bits of its teachings, such as the use of the magic whistle for summoning spirits, are alluded to in other texts. Another key element of its ritual, the elaborate Seal of God, has been found in texts and amulets throughout Europe.

Interest in The Sworn Book of Honorius has grown in recent years, yet no modern translations have been attemptedunt...

Price: $35.00

The Blazing Dew of Stars The Blazing Dew of Stars
Smith, David Chaim
Fulgur Limited

London: Fulgur Limited, 2013. Limited to 1001 copies only. Square landscape folio. For those who have had the joy of handling and experiencing The Sacrificial Universe released last year, this new book will continue that fine tradition. The Blazing Dew of Stars is a complex mystical text which speaks with many voices to introduce the practice of Kabbalistic contemplative alchemy. The volume offers glimpses of a rare view of direct application and immersion into the Real, intertwini...

Price: $89.95

Beyond the Mauve Zone. Enhanced Edition. Beyond the Mauve Zone. Enhanced Edition.
Grant, Kenneth

London: Starfire Publishing, 2016. Limited Edition. A new, enhanced edition of BEYOND THE MAUVE ZONE, fully corrected by Michael Staley using Kenneth Grant's personal copy with his annotations. The volume has also been re-set, and includes a new index that should prove most useful. A FINE CLOTH COPY in illustrated dust jacket. Custom end papers. Colored frontispiece, and twenty-four page plate section with the majority of the images being in color. 324 pages, indexed. Octavo. This is the eighth,...

Price: $59.95

The House of Owls The House of Owls
Angell, Tony
Yale University Press

For a quarter century, Tony Angell and his family shared the remarkable experience of closely observing pairs of western screech owls that occupied a nesting box outside their forest home. The journals the author recorded his observations in, and the captivating drawings he created, form the heart of this compelling book a personal account of an artist-naturalist s life with owls. Angell s extensive illustrations show owls engaged in what owls do hunting, courting, raising families, and exercisi...

Price: $30.00