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Gnosis 07: Esoteric Spirituality. A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions - REPRINT

Gnosis 07: Esoteric Spirituality. A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions - REPRINT (New)

by Gnosis

Publisher: Gnosis

Binding: Magazine

Book ID: GNO07R, GNO07R

Price: $20.00


"If esoteric teachings purport to be the inner essence of a tradition, then it follows that one ought to pay attention to the outer form of that tradition, for, after all, it is difficult to have an 'inner' without an 'outer'!"
- Jay Kinney, from the introduction

Contents -- Spring 1988




Gnosis Forum

Our readers and contributors discuss Politics and Esotericism.

Introduction: Esoteric Spirituality

by Jay Kinney

Inner Knowledge and Utter Confusion

by Jay Kinney

The Education of the Soul

by Kabir Helminski
The "Work" of the Sufis in the modern world.

The GNOSIS Interview: Murat Yagan

by Ya'qub ibn Yusuf
A teacher of the Kebzeh tradition of the Caucasus Mountains discusses the esoteric path.

Women Remembering

by Joan McIntyre
Rediscovering an ancient communion in circles of women.

Facing the Traditionalists

by Joscelyn Godwin
An evaluation of Rene Guenon and other proponents of the Perennial Philosophy.

Rene Guenon and the Signs of Our Times

by David Fideler
A critical appraisal of Guenon's book, The Reign of Quantity.

Ibn 'Arabi for Our Generation

by by Ya'qub ibn Yusuf
A new translation of Ibn 'Arabi's writings on Abraham, and a look at different versions of his 'Seals of Wisdom.'

A Hieroglyphic Thinker

by David Fideler
The life and work of R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz.

The Apocalyptic Steiner

by Anastasy Tousomou
The teachings of the founder of Anthroposophy about the Second Coming of Christ.

The Bible's Inner Meaning

by Clyde W. Burnham II
Alvin Boyd Kuhn's symbolic keys to Biblical interpretation.

Has the World's Most Mysterious Manuscript Been Read at Last?

by Terence McKenna
A new book claims to link the Voynich Manuscript with the heretical Cathars.

Book Reviews

  • Rene Guenon and the Future of the West by Robin Waterfield
  • Love is the Wine: Talks of a Sufi Master in America by Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak al-Jerrahi al-Halveti, edited and compiled by Sheikh Ragip Frager
  • Beginning's End by Sheikh Fadhlalla Haeri
  • The Rabbi's Tarot Daphna Moore
  • Meditations on the Tarot by Anonymous
  • Nag Hammadi, Gnosticism, and Early Christianity edited by Charles W. Hedrick and Robert Hodgson, Jr.
  • Secret Symbolism in Occult Art by Fred Gettings
  • Etheldreda by Moyra Caldecott
  • The Threshing Floor by Jennifer Russell
  • The Kingfisher's Wing by Mary Casey
  • Other Lives, Other Selves by Roger L. Woolger, Ph.D.
  • The Direct-Mind Experience by Richard Rose
  • Fireball and the Lotus: Emerging Spirituality from Ancient Roots edited by Ron Miller and Jim Kenny
  • Society of Mind by Marvin Minsky
  • My Journey with a Mystic by Fritz Peters, preface by Henry Miller
  • Ecstasy: Understanding the Psychology of Joy by Robert A. Johnson

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