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Gnosis 03: Kabbalah. A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions

Gnosis 03: Kabbalah. A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions (New)

by Gnosis

Publisher: Gnosis

Binding: Magazine

Book ID: GNO03, GNO03

Price: $9.00


"According to tradition, the Kabbalah is the secret wisdom of God, first given to Adam and Moses and passed on orally from teacher to student down through the ages to the present."
- Jay Kinney, from A Capsule History of the Kabbalah

Contents -- Fall-Winter 1986-'87


Letters to the Editor

News & Notes

Who Reads GNOSIS?

Introduction: Why Bother with the Kabbalah?

by Jay Kinney

A Capsule History of the Kabbalah

by Jay Kinney
What is Kabbalah and where does it come from?

From the Zohar: "All of Israel Saw the Letters"

by Daniel Matt

Some Kabbalistic ABC's

by Jay Kinney

Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism: An Overview

by Pinchas Giller
A discussion of the relationship between the Kabbalah and Jewish philosophy.

A Thirst for the Living God

by Rav Abraham Kook
Translated by Burt Jacobson; Designed by Michael Green

The Kabbalah: Doorway to the Mind

by Edward Hoffman
The psychotherapist as spiritual counselor.

The City of the Just

by Edward Hoffman
A meditative exercise.

The GNOSIS Interview: Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

by Ya'qub ibn Yusuf
Of what value is Tradition? How is a tradition like software? How good is "pop" Kabbalah?

The Celestial Man of Light

by David Fideler

The Portrait of the King

by Reb Nahman
A new translation of a teaching tale with commentary by Ya'qub ibn Yusuf.

Evocation: An Example of Kabbalistic Magic

by Stephan Hoeller
Contacting spirits and extracting the powers of the soul.

A Higher Geometry

by Jay Kinney
The unique Kabbalistic research of the Meru Foundation.

A Reader's Guide to the Kabbalah

by David Meltzer
Recommended reading for the Kabbalistic student.

Book Reviews

  • School of Kabbalah by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi
  • The Western Way: A Practical Guide to the Western Mystery Tradition. Vol.1: The Native Tradition. Vol. 2: The Hermetic Tradition by Caitlin and John Matthews
  • Porpyhry's Letter to His Wife Marcella, Concerning the Life of Philosophy and the Ascent to the Godstranslated by Alice Zimmern, introduction by David Fideler
  • Arcana Mundi: Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman Worlds by Georg Luck
  • The Greek Magical Papyri in translation. Vol. 1: Texts edited by Hans Dieter Betz
  • Jambalaya: The Natural Woman's Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals by Luisah Teish
  • The Mother's Songs: Images of God the Mother by Meinrad Craighead
  • The Unholy Bible by June Singer
  • Christianity/Islam: Essays on Esoteric Ecumenicism by Frithjof Schuon
  • Genisis: The First Book of Revelations by David Wood
  • All Things Are Lights by Robert Shea
  • Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics: Lifestyles for Self-Discovery by Marsha Sinetar

Requiescat: Mircea Eliade and Francis Rath

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