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Aldaraia or, The Book of Soyga: Being a Treatise on Astrological Magic once belonging to Dr John Dee (Used)

by Clavis Editions

Publisher: Clavis Editions

Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket




On March 10, 1582 Dr. John Dee and his scryer Edward Kelley initiated the first of many actions which would later be referred to as the Angelic Conversations. When Kelley made contact with the angel URIEL through a crystal sphere, Dee immediately asked; ‘Is my Book of Soyga of any excellency?’ Dee was particularly interested in a set of 36 tables found in his book that had as yet confounded him and proceeded to ask several more questions of URIEL directly inquiring about the Book of Soyga. Given the importance Dee placed upon the text it was frustrating that the details or provenance of the book remained a mystery to historians for over 400 years, some even suggesting that it may have been the still undeciphered Voynich Manuscript. Then in 1994 Deborah Harkness stumbled upon the original manuscript in the British Library while doing research for a book on Dee. The discovery of the manuscript finally revealed the nature of the text, an apparently astrological treatise on magic in a secretary hand, yet until now its pages have not been rendered available to those outside the confines of special collections.

Practitioners in the western esoteric tradition have speculated that the Book of Soyga may have had influence on the Enochian System of Magic which was dictated to Dee and Kelley by the Angels. The many-lettered tables, numerological and astrological material in the book do bear similarities to how the Enochian material manifested including the use of backward text and magic tables. In addition there are detailed sections describing astrological conditions and effects relevant to the 36 tables themselves. The English translation of the Book of Soyga reveals its own system of magic while indicating the possible source of some of the Enochian framework found in Dee and Kelley’s actions with spirits.

BILINGUAL EDITION featuring the complete Latin transcription from Sloane MS. 8 and a full English translation by Dr. Andrea Esmyol.

CLAVIS EDITIONS is pleased to offer the first complete English translation of Aldaraia sive Soyga: Tractatus Astrologico Magicus, a work in progress for many years. By printing both Latin and English text, we aim to make this enigmatic book available to scholars and general readers in the English-speaking world alike. The recto and verso pages are carefully indicated in both the transcription as well as the translation allowing comparison of the two languages as well as indicating the position of the text in the original manuscript. The edition will also feature a codicological analysis of Sloane MS. 8 and an introduction.

Latin and English Text, illustrated with diagrams, sigla and tables. Octavo 7" x 10" in standard full cloth and limited Edition Deluxe.

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