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Mezlim: Practical Magick for Today. (An Independent Journal for the Working Magus - Complete Run)

Mezlim: Practical Magick for Today. (An Independent Journal for the Working Magus - Complete Run) (Out of Print)

by Deigh, Kenneth (ed)


Binding: Magazine

Book ID: A8253, A8253


Cincinnati, OH: N'Chi , 1989 - 1995. First Edition Softcovers. 4to. 26 issues (complete set). Separately paginated, each issue between 40 and 56 pages. Over 1,200 pages total. Magazine format, stapled. Format changed slightly over time - initially plain paper covers illustrated in b&w and evolving into a more standard glossy colour illustrated magazine format. Additional shipping costs apply.

Mezlim - which ran to 25 issues published between 1990 - 1996, was an important journal of magical studies, that although not exclusively Thelemic, had a strong Crowleyan slant for much of its life. It had its origins in a small mimeographed journal called Mezla, which was a house journal for Kenneth Grant's Typhonian O.T.O. It ran for some 13 issues before petering out, only to be revived briefly twice: Vol. III, No. I (1985), & Vol. V, No. I (1989). By this time Kenneth Deigh had become the prime mover, and Managing Editor / Publisher of the journal and with the next issue he changed its title to Mezlim, the started a new series, with Vol. I, Issue 1, appearing early in 1990. This set comprises a complete set of the 25 issues of Mezlim, plus Vol. V, No. I of Mezla, which although differently titled, was under the editorship of Deigh, and in real terms began the cycle of Mezlim. The content was too rich and varied to do justice in a short listing like this, but some of the articles in the issues include: "Baphomet and Son" by R. A. Gilbert, "A Sex Magickian's Guide to Quartz Crystals" by Bill Siebert," "Chaos in Magical Development" by Peter J. Carroll, "The Shadow Tarot" by Linda Falorio, "Interview with Patrick Zalewski" by Laura Jennings Clarke, "Self-Initiation" by Richard Kaczynski, "True Initation" by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, "Magicians, Priests and the New Aeon" by Richard Kaczynski, "Get the Point" by Chic Cicero, "Pow-Wow, Psalms, and German Magical Folklore" by Mark Stavish, "Magick and Scientific Pyschology" by David G. Shoemaker, "The Magical Lodge" by John Michael Greer, "The Cult of the Divine Artist" by Andrew D. Chumbley, "Daemons are our Friends" by Lon Milo DuQuette, numerous articles by Donald Michael Kraig and many, many others.

Each issue was separately themed: a list of issues, their themes, and contributors, follows. Mezla Vol.V, No.1: Samhain '89 "The Transitional Issue" Articles by R.A.Gilbert; Laurali; & Louis Martinie. Mezlim Vol. I, No.5 Candlemas '91 "The State of Magick Today" Articles by: Diane Tabor; Sam Webster; A.I.W.A.F. & more. Mezlim Vol. II, No. 1 Beltrane '91, Articles by: D.M. Kraig; Purusas 252; Laura Jennings-Yorke; Antero Alli & more. Mezlim Vol. II No.2 Lammas '91, Articles by: D.M. Kraig; Esmeralda Drake; Jaq. D. Hawkins; Tara Webster; D Rose Hartmann; Sam Webster; Ian Corrigan. Mezlim Vol. II, No. 3 Samhain '91, "The Student/Teacher" Articles by: D.M. Kraig; Sam Webster; Niki Bado; Antero Alli; Sabra. Mezlim Vol. III, No. 1, Candlemas '92, "Magickal Body Art" Articles by: B. Barak; Antero Alli; Crow; Tath Zal; Sabra. Mezlim Vol. III, No. 2 Beltrane '92, "Pagan Gatherings' Articles by: Ranger Rick; Richard Keenan, PhD.; J.P. Damarru. Mezlim Vol. III, No. 3, Lammas '92 "Sacred Prostitute" Articles by: D. Rose Hartmann; Jaq D. Hawkins; KIA & Louis Martinie. Mezlim Vol. III, No. 4 Samhain '92, "Death & Transformation" Articles by: Oz; Sabra; R. Greywalker; E. E. Rehmus; Mishlen; & cynthia Entzel. Mezlim Vol. IV, No. 1 Candlemas '93, "Initiation' Articles by: Phaedron; Sabra; Chic &Tabbi Cicero; Richard Kaczynski; & Jacob Rabinowitz. Mezlim Vol. IV, No. 2 Beltrane '93, "Priest & Priestess" Articles by: Sam Webster; Nema; Sabra; KIA; Richard Kaczynski; & Jacob Rabinowitz. Mezlim Vol. IV, No. 3 Lughnasadh '93, "Relationships" Articles by: J. Perry Damarru, Tath Zal, Maeve, KIA, Paul Joseph Rovelli, & Chic Cicero. Mezlim Vol. IV, No. 4 Samhain '93 "Folk Magick" Articles by: Nikki Bado, Maeve, Sabra, Mishlen, Donald Michael Kraig & Julian Vayne. Mezlim Vol. V, No. 1 Imbolc '94, "Bridging the Gap Between the Magickal and then Mundane" Articles by: Donald Michael Kraig, Mark Stavish, Tath Zal, Antero Alli & Julian Vayne. Mezlim Vol. V, No. 2 Beltrane '94, "Sacrament Use And Abuse in the Magickal Community" Articles by: Donald Michael Kraig, Sam Webster & Bekki Shining Bearheart. Mezlim Vol. V, No. 3 Lughnasadh '94, "The Magickal Arts of Healing" Articles by: Donald Michael Kraig, Annette Hinshaw, Julian Vayne & Antero Alli. Mezlim Vol.V, No. 4 Samhain '94, "Our Next Generation: Children in the Magickal Community" Articles by: Jaq D. Hawkins, Althea Northage-Orr, Michael Sontag, Dr. Richard Kaczynski, Esmeralda & Antero Alli. Mezlim Vol. VI, No. 1 Imbolc '95, "Sacred Dance: Magickal Movement For All" Articles by: Ann Robbers, Sabra, Donna Stanford-Blake, Robert Ross, Mishlen & KIA. Mezlim Vol. VI, No. 2 Beltrane '95, "Sexual Orientation in the Magikcal Community" Articles by: Paul Rucker, Paul Ravenscraft, Morgana & Ivo Dominguez, Jr. Mezlim Vol. VI, No. 3 Lughnasadh '95, "The Sacred Fool: humor in Magick" Articles by: Jaq D. Hawkins, Massimo Mantovani, Louis Martinie & Cliff Pollick. Mezlim Vol. VI, No.4 Samhain '95, "The Bardic Tradition" Articles by: Rick Allen, KIA, Patricia Telesco, Jaq D. Hawkins & Massimo Mantovani. Mezlim Volume VII, Issue No.1 Final Issue 1996 Contributing Writers, Jaq D Hawkins, Paul B. Rucker, Sabra, Magenta Griffith, Keter Elan, Donald Michael Kraig, Lon Milo DuQuette, David Sparenberg, Joseph Robert Jochmans, Paul Joseph Rovelli, Mary Schoeppel, Brenda E. Kelly, Dr. Richard Kaczynski, Donna Stanford-Blake & Chas S. Clifton, . All issues Illustrated in b&w, cartoons, book reviews, editorials. Unused copies with just some light signs of age. Light rubbing to covers, a few light bumps otherwise in Fine condition.

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