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Corpus Alchemicum Arabicum I: The Book of the Explanation of the Symbols (Used)

by Umail, Muhammed ibn

Publisher: Daimon Verlag

Binding: Hardcover

Book ID: 9783952260814, 3952260819


Book of the Explanation of the Symbols, Kitab Hall ar-Rumuz by Muhammad Ibn Umail

The Corpus Arabicum Alchymicum (CALA) will be editing and publishing a collection of key manuscriptson symbolic Arabic alchemy. The Arabic text is always accompanied by a parallelEnglish translation. In order to improve the understanding of the spiritualside of alchemy, each edited volume is followed by one or more commentaries.

Volume I of CALA presents the first edition of Hall ar-Rumuz (Explanation of the Symbols). It was written by Muhammad Ibn Umail (10thcentury), one of the most important representatives of the symbolic branch ofalchemy. In later Latin alchemy he is known under the name, Senior.

Ibn Umail’s description of the alchemical work is a symbolicrendering of his experience of an inner-psychic process of transformation thathe considered as being the highest goal in human life. Due to his extremely introverted lifestyle and his devoted focus toward the inner world, Ibn Umail was able to observe and describe this mysterious process with the "substantial symbols", emerging out of the depth of his psyche.

Ibn Umail’s symbolic attitude facilitates a kind ofinter-confessionalism: he states in Hall ar-Rumuz that "the result of the alchemical work can beproduced by a person from any religion". The psychic transformation achieved bythe work leads to the stone, a symbol for the solidified divine kernel of anindividual. This center also has a collective dimension. Thus Ibn Umail alsonames the stone "mosque" or "temple".

His work connects and bridges the Ancient Egyptian quest forimmortality directly with later Latin alchemy and the modern depth psychology of C.G. Jung with its aim of creating spiritual gold: consciousness. IbnUmail’s work thus constitutes an important cultural link in the history ofthe spiritual aspect of alchemy.

200 pages.

From the Contents:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • 1. The corpus Alchymicum Arabicum (CALA)
  • 2. Muhammad Ibn Umail and his significance for our time
  • 3. Hall ar-Rumuz — a synoptic view
  • 4. The edition
  • 5. The translation
  • 6. The Corpus Alchymicum Arabicum (CALA)
  • Overview of the manuscripts of the Hall ar-Rumuz
  • Book of the Explanation of the Symbols by Muhammad Ibn Umail
  • Text in Arabic and English
  • Facsimiles
  • Bibliography, Index

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