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Ibn Ezra: The Book of Nativities and Revolutions

Ibn Ezra: The Book of Nativities and Revolutions (New)

by Epstein, Meira (trans)

Publisher: ARHAT (Robert Hand)

Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9781934464014, 1934464015

Price: $24.95


Meira Epstein, Translator, with annotations by Meira Epstein and Robert Hand. Translated from the original Hebrew

The First English Translation Ever of Avraham Ibn Ezra's The Book of Nativities and Revolutions

From the translator's introduction:

Rabbi Avraham Ben Meir Ibn Ezra (1089-1164) was a renowned Jewish scholar, whose accomplishments and prolific writing encompassed Biblical exegeses, Hebrew grammar, personal, national and liturgical poetry, philosophy, mathematics, geometry, astronomy and astrology.

Ibn Ezra was born in Tudela, Spain, but spent most of his adult life wandering throughout the Jewish communities in southern Spain, North Africa, Italy, France and England. It was Italy and France (about 1140 - 1160) where he wrote his astrological works.

The Book of Nativities and Revolutions (Sefer Ha'Moladot) is the third publication in the series of English translations of Avraham Ibn Ezra's astrological works. The other two are The Beginning of Wisdom (Reshit Hokhma), ARHAT 1998, and The Book of Reasons (Sefer Ha'Te'amim), 1994 (soon to be re-issued in a revised edition by ARHAT). Together, these three, written by Ibn Ezra in this sequence, make one integral body of the basic astrological doctrine: Introduction of fundamentals, further theoretical explanations and the application to the individual birth chart.

Here is a partial Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
    About the Hebrew Title: Sefer Ha'Moladot Ve'ha'Tequfot
    The Text and the Manuscripts
    Editing the Manuscript
    The Translation
    The Contents
    Where Astrology Meets Religion and Philosophy
  • Editorial Notes by Robert Hand
The Book of Nativities and Revolutions
  • Introductory Matters: Overall Considerations Before Judgment
  • The Equation (Computation) of the Nativity
    Rectification by the Nimodar (Animodar)
  • The Equations (Trutine) of Enoch
  • The First House
    Topics include: Temperament, The Ruler of the Nativity, Physical Appearance.
  • The Testimonies
    Topics include: The Years of Rearing, Character and Personality, The Measure of Life by the Years of the Planets, The Measure of Life by Directions, The Places of Abscission or Cutting Off Life
  • The Second House
    Topics include: Sources and Timing of Material Benefit and Wealth, Ptolemy's Ages of Life, Additional Considerations for Wealth
  • The Third House
    Topics include: Siblings, Faith
  • The Fourth House
    Topics include: The Father and His Measure of Life, Land and Property, The End of the Matter
  • The Fifth House
    Topics include: Children, The Number of Children, Pleasure
  • The Sixth House
    Topics include: Health, Slaves
  • The Seventh House
    Topics include: Marriage of Men, Marriage of Women, Quarrels, Partnership
  • The Eighth House
    Topics include: Death, Inheritance
  • The Ninth House
    Topics include: Faith, Dreams - Prophetic, Travel, Science and Learning
  • The Tenth House
    Topics include: The Mother, Rank and Honor, Profession and Skills
  • The Eleventh House
  • The Twelfth House
    Topics include: Imprisonment and Captivity, Enemies, Domestic Animals
  • The Annual Revolutions
    Topics include: Computing the Annual Revolution Using the Day and Time of Birth, Profection
  • The Months
    Sub-Division into Months in the Profected Year
  • The Days
    Planetary Days and Hours
  • The Good Signs
    A Brief Discussion on Elections
  • The Directions
    The Geographical Direction to Consider in Elections
  • The Countries
    Relocation Considerations
  • The Colors
Appendix A: Ibn Ezra's Astrological Works

Appendix B: Glossary: Astrological and Astronomical Terms Found in Moladot: His Astrological Work

Bibliography & References

The most important things about this book are these: It is an especially clear account of the major issues of medieval natal astrology, dealing with both practical issues and important philosophical issues. Also, scattered among the text are many jewels of medieval astrological technique not covered, or not covered as well in other texts. Ibn Ezra was not only a master astrologer, he was one of the most brilliant minds ever to practice astrology. (Rob Hand)

116 Pages: Perfect-bound Paper

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