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The Cosmic War: Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts (New)

by Farrell, Joseph

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited

Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9781931882750, 1931882754


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Physicist Joseph Farrell's amazing book on ancient interplanetary warfare! There is ample evidence across our solar system of cataclysmic and catastrophic destruction events. The asteroid belt, for example, may be the remains of an exploded planet! The known planets are scarred from incredible impacts, and teeter in their orbits due to causes heretofore inadequately explained. Rejecting the naturalist and materialist assumptions of catastrophism forwarded by other researchers, Farrell asserts that it is time to take the ancient myths of a Cosmic War in the heavens seriously. Incorporating extraterrestrial artifacts, cutting-edge ideas in contemporary physics, and the texts of ancient myths into his argument, Farrell maintains that an ancient interplanetary war was fought in our own solar system with weapons of extraordinary power and sophistication. In doing so, he offers a solution to an enigma that has long mystified researchers, disclosing a cause of that ancient war, the means by which it was waged, and the real nature of the secret technology behind the ancient "Tablets of Destinies." Topics include: Killer Asteroids and the Exploded Planet Hypothesis, The History of the Exploded Planet Hypothesis, The Explanatory and Predictive Power of the Exploded Planet Hypothesis, Other Phenomena Explained by the Exploding Planet Hypothesis, Problems of the Original Exploded Planet Hypothesis and the Revised Hypothesis, Plasma Cosmology and Ancient Mythology …The Problem of the Mercury Rectifiers, Plasma Pinch, Plasma Focus, and the Nazi "Bell" Project, Plasma Physics, The Plasma Focus, and Scalar Physics, Bearden's Claims for "Scalar" Physics and its Weaponization, The Dangers of Scalar Resonance: Planet-Busting “Doomsday” Implications, The Divine Weapon, Evidence of Planetary Sized Discharges in the Solar System, Ancient Testimony to the Existence of Giants, Hamlet's Mill: Another Mythological Background, The Galactic Context of Ancient Myths, The Astronomical-Galactic Meaning of “Earth,” The Galactic Meaning of "Tiamat," The Celestial, or Galactic War and Deluge, and Mars-Nergal: "The Great Leaping One," The Good, the Bad, and the Nephilim, Laurence Gardner's Genealogical Tables, Gardner's "Grand Assembly of the Anunnaki," The "Grand Assembly of the Anunnaki" and Mankind, The Anunnaki and Mankind: Adam and Eve, Primordial Revolts and Wars: Sumer, Edfu, and the Genesis "Gap" Theory, A Chronological Outline Emerges, Angels and Plasma Life?, The Mysterious Moon, How Did it Get There?, The Planetary Fission Model, Shards, Octagons, Craters, and Towers versus Incessant Meteoric Bombardment, Mars Surface Anomalies, Pyramidal and Other Rectilinear Formations, The Monoliths, Human Origins and the "Celestial Extent" of Humanity or its Genus, The Two Space Programs Hypothesis and Scientific Suppression, tons more.

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