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I Ching, the Oracle of the Cosmic Way

I Ching, the Oracle of the Cosmic Way (New)

by Anthony, Carol K


Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9781890764043, 1890764043

Price: $29.95


This new I Ching provides a revolutionary shift in perspective as it displaces the time-honored, human-centered view of the universe, by allowing the Sage that speaks through the I Ching oracle, to describe the Cosmic View.

The book explains:

  • Yes and No as the way the feeling consciousness of the Cosmos "speaks"
  • the Cosmic Principles of Harmony that govern all life
  • the human place within the Cosmic Unity
  • the misuse of language as the cause of all disharmony and separation from the Cosmic Unity
  • how to activate help from the invisible world to:
  • bring yourself back into harmony with the Cosmos
  • deprogram the causes of illnesses
  • free your mind and heart from the ego's domination, thereby liberate your true self
  • release your creativity from its imprisonment
  • resolve conflict

The purpose of consulting the oracle

The purpose of consulting the oracle is to inquire, before an undertaking, whether you are in harmony with the Cosmic Way. When this is confirmed by the words "success", or "good fortune," whatever you do will be supported by the invisible helping forces of the Cosmos. When your attitude is discordant, the oracle predicts "misfortune." The answers of the oracle are not to be taken as fortune-telling; they only reflect the natural consequence of your attitude toward your goal. All counsel of the I Ching is directed at helping you return to harmony with the Cosmos. To do this you are being given a deeper understanding of the principles of Cosmic Harmony that are involved in the issue at hand. In the light of these principles you will be able to recognize particular mistaken ideas that are the cause of your discord. This book is the first I Ching oracle that shows you how to deprogram the obstructing ideas, and thus reunite with the Cosmic Harmony.

Also presented in this book is an innovative method of communicating directly with the Sage, that speaks through the I Ching. This method allows you to clarify its message, until you have reached an adequate understanding. Consulting the I Ching in this way on a daily basis can lead you to insights into your life's purpose with ever more clarity. It was through this method, in combination with meditations and dreams, that the Sage gave the authors a completely new perspective on the nature of the Cosmos, human nature, and the place of humans in the whole. Rather than presenting you with definitive knowledge, this book opens for you new dimensions of learning from the Cosmic Teacher called "the Sage."

The book contains an extensive Appendix of practical methods:

  • how to communicate directly with the Sage
  • How to free yourself, at the root, from fates you have created, from compulsive behaviors, from co-dependency, and how to free your self-healing abilities.

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