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Daoist Magical Talismans

Daoist Magical Talismans (Used)

by Johnson, Jerry Alan

Publisher: Temple of the Celestial Cloud

Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9781885246431, 1885246439


It includes the various applications of Magic Talismans, Types of Magic Talismans (i.e., Talismans for Making Spirits Appear, Talismans for Obtaining a Spirit Servant, Talismans for Shape Shifting, Talismans To Make a Dead Person Walk, Talismans for Invisibility, Talismans To Heal Sickness, Talismans for Protection, Talismans for Destroying Friendships, and Talismans for Creating Sickness), The Origin of Magic Talismans, The Secret Teachings of Magic Talismans, Defining The Qualifications of a Talisman Master (Fa Shi), Magic Talismans and the use of Esoteric Character Sounds, Constructing a Magic Talisman, Breath: Speaking Incantations, Body: Forming Hand Seals, Mind: Writing the Talisman, Three Popular Types of Talisman Writing, The Nine Basic Rules for Making a Talisman, Magic Talisman Rituals, How to Draw Magic Talismans, How to Activate and Seal the Talisman, The Magical Application of a Talisman in Feng Shui, Talismans and Medicine, Magic Talisman Tables and Divination Boards, Translations of Several Ancient Zheng Yi Daoist Talisman Books, The Favorite Secret Talismans of Celestial Master Zhang, The Qing Wei Original Law Method, Classifications of Magic Talismans, The Legacy of Written Talismans, Qing Wei Yin Yang Talisman Seals, Talismans for Energetically Activating the Incense, Altar Curtains, and Musical Instruments, Talismans used to Protect the Altar, Miscellaneous Talismans, Talismans Used To Represent Secret Esoteric Sounds and Energetic States, Talismans of the Sanskrit Patterns of Energy and Light, Talismans of the Three Pure Ones, Talismans of the Altars of the Five Directions, Talismans of the Four Gates (Spirit Doors), Talismans of the Four Gods of Time, Qing Wei Send Report to Jade Emperor Worship Talismans, Talismans of the Five Celestial Martial Generals Used To Seal and Protect the Altar, The Chart of the Ten Heavenly Stems Exorcist Generals, Talismans for Summoning the Star Gods, Magic Talismans Used For Summoning The Thunder Gods, Talisman of The Magical Powers of the Five Thunders, Magical Seal of the Thunder Court, The Five Thunder Gods and their Magical Seals, Magic Talismans Used For Summoning The Thunder Generals, Talisman Used For Summoning The Ancestral Master Tai Xuan Shang Xiang (The Immortal Gentleman), Twenty-Four Thunder Magic Talismans Used For Removing Disasters, The Nine Star Emperors Remove Difficulties Talismans, The Chart of the Authentic Man’s Original Destiny Guiding Star, Talismans Used For Healing, Magic Talismans Used For Stopping Plague, Talismans used to Create Harmony and Union, Talismans used for Funerals, Talismans For Magically Sealing A Coffin, Talismans used to Summon Spirits of the Dead, Talisman Used For Commanding Demons, Talismans used to Break into Hell and Free the Souls of the Dead, The Attacking the Fortress Ritual, Talismans used for Breaking the Various Hells, You Fu Shang Zhao (Incantation for Summoning the Magical Powers of the Right), The Magic Skill of Celestial Master Zhang for Expelling Evil and Curing Diseases, The 12 Magic Talismans for Suppressing Nightmares, Talismans for Suppressing Disasters and Avoiding Evil, The Heavenly King’s Magic Talismans for Alleviating Disasters, “Choking Bone” Talisman, Magic Seals for Energetically Activating Spirit Money, Talisman for Making Peace, Talisman and Incantation for Killing Pain and Stopping Bleeding, Incantation for Inviting the God of Wealth, Mao Shan Talismans, Mao Shan Talisman Seals Used For Binding and Containing Ghosts and Evil Spirits, Mao Shan Talismans Used To Induce Infatuation In Order to Keep a Mate, Mao Shan Protection Talismans Used For Fighting Against Black Magic and Psychic Attacks, Miscellaneous Mao Shan Talismans, Advanced Mao Shan Talismans, The Nine Palaces, Guardians, and Star Gates, The 28 Star Constellation Standards, The Nine Star Command Talismans and their Magical Incantations, Presenting the Offerings to the Six Jia Spirit Generals, Summoning the Six Jia Spirit Generals, The Secret Talismans of Spirit Writing Magic, The Method of Inviting the Immortals Using the Fuji (Spirit Writing Tool), Ritual for Inviting the Immortals, Pasting and Burning the Talismans, When The Immortals Won’t Show, When Things Go Wrong, Protecting the Priest After the Divination, Incantation for Inviting the Nine Dipper Gods to the Altar, Incantation for Opening the Altar and Summoning the Stars, Incantation for Calling the Immortals, Secret Magic Sounds Used to Purify the Way, Secret Magic Sounds Used to Protect the Body, Secret Magic Sounds to Gain Spiritual Insight and Wisdom, Curing Diseases using the Tai Yang Yai Yin Magic Seal, Incantation for Inviting the Eight Immortals to the Altar, The Immortals of Peng Lai, Immortals of the Dipper Stars, The Five Ghosts Immortals, Command Talismans, and The Talismans of the Eight Archivist, and much more.

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Book is limited to 500 hand numbered hardcover copies printed in two colors and bound in faux leather silk-touch cloth, 252 pages, Foil stamp on both the front and back boards with a full color frontispiece by acclaimed artist Caniglia and sewn in satin bookmark.

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