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Chi Gung for the Sexes: Balancing Yin and Yang Relationships (2 CD) (New)

by Frantzis, Bruce

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

Binding: CD

Book ID: 9781556438257, 1556438257


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For millennia, hundreds of millions of people have used energy practices like chi gung to become incredibly healthy, enjoy a fulfilling sex life, reverse the effects of aging, and relieve pain, anxiety, and stress. Bruce Frantzis says, "The smooth, balanced flow of your life-force energy--chi--is the single most important determinant to your health, vitality and happiness."

In this two-disc set Frantzis reveals why men and women tend to see the world very differently. He teaches specific chi practices to help partners discover their natural speed and rhythm for smooth communication and a vibrant sex life. Also included:

  • The Taoist view of sexuality
  • Energy exercises for you and your partner to get your chi moving
  • Practices for prostate health and penetrating the energy of a woman
  • Practices for breast and vaginal health, and increasing your libido
  • Resolving emotions, such as fear of sexuality
  • What every parent with an adolescent going through puberty should know
  1. The Taoist view of male-female relationships
  2. Balancing yin and yang interactions
  3. Intrinsic qualities and interplay of yin and yang energies
  4. Men's health and sexuality
  5. Kidneys, semen retention, and sustainable orgasms
  6. Tapping into a woman's energy from any place in her body
  7. Puberty, becoming sexually active, and staying drug and drama free
  8. Practices to balance aggression, depression, and fear
  1. Women's physical, emotional, and mental health
  2. Vaginal origami, bonding with your partner and the key to a healthy libido
  3. Puberty, appearances, violating your nature, and energy binges
  4. Exhausted nerves, better orgasms, and turning worry into laughter
  5. Inner Dissolving process for releasing tension, trauma, and abuse
  6. Finding your natural speed and rhythm, and going beyond time
  7. Practices for dancing with your partner's energy before intercourse
  8. Resolving yin and yang conflicts for balance and harmony

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