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Hoodoo and Conjure: New Orleans

Hoodoo and Conjure: New Orleans (New)

by Alvarado, Denise

Publisher: CreateSpace

Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9781492933380, 1492933384


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A special edition of the acclaimed magazine journal under the new name of simply Hoodoo and Conjure is here! In all its gloriousness and fabulous writ, this special edition publication of Hoodoo and Conjure: New Orleans brings to you a fantastic collection of articles from a variety of notable as well as up and coming authors. The majority of the articles center on aspects of New Orleans Voodoo and Hoodoo, however, we also include some fantastic articles about southern conjure traditions in general. Here we go...are you ready?

FEATURE STORIES: Get the original story about Mary Oneida Toups by the original author, 6th generation New Orleans born Alyne Pustanio! And, New Orleans-Style Day of the Dead with Sallie Ann Glassman and In Memorium: Coco Robicheaux by Alyne Pustanio; Digging in the Dirt by Dorothy Morrison; The Wishing Tomb of Marie Laveaux by Denise Alvarado; Tituba, the Black Witch of Salem by Witchdoctor Utu; Food as Medzin and Spellwork with the Dead by Ya Ya Madrina Angelique; The Graveyard Snake and the Ancestors by Dr. Snake; Holy Death and the Seven Insights: A Gay Man's Story of Self-Transformation and his Search for Love, Adventures in Ghost Hunting by Carolina Dean; I Reckon it Might be a Sign of Things to Come by H. Byron Ballard; Wicca and Voodoo: Bringing the Two Together by Nish Perez; Wicca and Voodoo: Rhythms by Louis Martinie; Crimson Light through Muddy Water: Southern Goth as an Occult Reality by Tim Broussard; Uncrossing Land by Aaron Leitch; Throwing Dem Bones by Danette Wilson; Conjure with the Goetia by Devi Spring.

PHOTO ESSAY: Herein lies the Poor and the Indigent: A Photo Essay of Holt Cemetery by Denise Alvarado and Alyne Pustanio.

INTERNATIONAL CONJURE: Mystery of a Sacred Sastun and The Trinity of Stones: An Interview with Winsom Winsom by Rev.Roots; El Dia de Los Muertos by Denise Alvarado.

TUTORIAL: How to Make a New Orleans Style Rope Doll by Denise Alvarado.

MEDIA REVIEW: American Horror Story: Coven by Denise Alvarado. Plus, recipes and formulas and more! Illustrated in full color with stunning artwork and photography, Hoodoo and Conjure: New Orleans will keep you visually, intellectually and spiritually stimulated and inspired to explore the mysteries of the sacred and the profane of the American South and the wide world of conjure.

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