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Apophis: A Practical Handbook of Draconian Left-Hand Path Initiation.

Apophis: A Practical Handbook of Draconian Left-Hand Path Initiation. (Used)

by Kelly, Michael

Publisher: Runa-Raven Press

Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9781456336189, 1456336185


Behold the Seven-Headed Primordial Dragon

The Serpent lurks in the deepest, darkest roots of human consciousness. Each of its seven heads embodies a power which may be awakened within the psyche.

This book outlines the transformative process whereby the human Initiate becomes something much more than human. It provides the weapons necessary to win the war of consciousness against conformity. It openly teaches the means of immortalising the Self.

A Practical Handbook of Draconian Left-Hand Path Initiation.


Draconian magic is unequivocally a school of the Left-Hand Path. That is to say it is a school which teaches the immortalisation and deification of the individual psyche, as opposed to the Right-Hand Path which seeks to submerge that psyche within a sense of universal oneness. Draconian magic is in its very essence terrifying, alienating and antinomian, but -- for the successful few -- it is ultimately liberating, illuminating and joyous. It is definitely not for the faint- hearted or dilettante. Casual experimentation will prove worthless, as the act of tearing oneself from the womb of the cosmos is an exercise of Will and heroism, qualities gained only through intense struggle.

This may sound very off-putting, but so it should. Dragons in western lore are creatures of terror and death. These fearful archetypes resonate with those from other cultural roots, such as Tiamat, the Serpent of Eden and especially the Egyptian Apep, the primal serpent of Chaos.

This book takes the symbolism of the seven-headed dragon of antiquity and instructs the reader how to awaken each of these heads within his own psyche, until he truly becomes a magical dragon, a god in essence. This work is 7 APOPHIS presented in a carefully measured curriculum, which if followed will provide a steady and powerful process of awakening. The work of the heads must be approached in the order given in order to ensure consistent and reliable results. Picking and choosing may result in nothing at best or mental imbalance at worst. Experienced magicians may feel inclined to take short cuts to reflect what they have already learned. Truly experienced magicians will not do so, recognising that there is always more to learn.

The teachings codified in this book are derived from Grand Master of the Temple of Set's Order of Leviathan and were further developed in the later independent Order of Apep. They have been tested by many strong Initiates over many years and are of proven efficacy. The first footsteps of this curriculum may be familiar from many schools of magical practice, but the Work of the later heads is, I believe, unique in print. Never before have the ultimate aims and essence of the Left-Hand Path been revealed so clearly in practical steps.

To those who will plumb the abyss of the reptilian mind, awaken the fire serpent and ultimately see through the Eye of Leviathan, I salute you!

Michael Kelly - The Dragon Fafnir - Winter 2009

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