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Astral High Magic: De Imaginibus of Thabit Ibn Qurra

Astral High Magic: De Imaginibus of Thabit Ibn Qurra (New)

by Warnock, Christopher

Publisher: Renaissance Astrology

Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9781257796090, 1257796097


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De Imaginibus, "On Images" is, after Picatrix, the most important text for medieval and Renaissance astrological magic. De Imaginibus represents the height of astrological magic technique and goes far beyond merely planetary talismans in using the full range of traditional astrological technique developed by the sophisticated Harranian Sabians. De Imaginibus explains how to create house based talismans, how to use horary questions to forecast and anchor talismans and how to tune talismans to individual natal charts. The translator, John Michael Greer, is a noted Latinist and esoteric author. He is the co-translator of The Complete Picatrix. This translation was made from Francis Carmody's Latin critical edition of the astronomical works of Thabit Ibn Qurra and contains two variant texts along with extensive commentary by Christopher Warnock, the leading astrological magician and examples of talisman elections using Thabit's methods.

From the author:

The 21st century has brought an incredible upsurge in interest in the esoteric. Along with a flood of contemporary books on magic and astrology, often introductory or New Age oriented, some have been drawn to the authentic, ancient magic of our illustrious predecessors.

Thabit Ibn Qurra, the 9th century author of De Imaginibus, truly deserves the title of sage. A master of all the arts and sciences of his day, Thabit translated many books of science and philosophy from Greek and Syriac to Arabic. While still famed as a scientist, Thabit also was renowned as a master mage and astrologer. De Imaginibus, "On Images" or more loosely, "How to Make Astrological Talismans" is a famous work of astrological magic, explaining in detail how to make the most difficult type, the house based talisman.

The text of De Imaginibus was translated by John Michael Greer, a noted contemporary mage and head of the Ancient Order of Druids. Astral High Magic, includes not one, but two different translations of De Imaginibus, from two different manuscripts. It also includes corresponding passages from the Renaissance mage Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

I felt that having translations, as good as these are, was not enough, commentary and explanation was required, in order for readers to really grasp the meaning and import of De Imaginibus. Having revived traditional astrological magic for the 21st century, I felt it was important to share my insights on this key text so I have included extensive explanatory commentary and footnotes

Following in the footsteps of ancient masters of magic pays great dividends. De Imaginibus was prized by medieval and Renaissance mages like Marsilio Ficino and Cornelius Agrippa. Finally this key text of ancient astrological magic, the high of high magic, so long locked away in Arabic and Latin, is available again.

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