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Etheric Anatomy: The Three Selves & Astral Travel (Used)

by Anderson, Victor H.

Publisher: Acorn Guild Press

Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9780971005006, 0971005001


With additional material by Cora Anderson, author of Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition

What Every Witch Should Know

"In order to comprehend more fully our psychic structure, it must be understood that the human being is a trinity. This is neither a metaphor nor an abstract illustration. The human soul and spirit body is made up of three definite parts or entities. Each of these three entities has its own individual and collective existence in the soul and personality, just as surely as the three atoms in a molecule of water." -- Etheric Anatomy

A Witch's Guide to the Three Selves, Astral Travel, and Astral Sex!

In this groundbreaking collection of rare writings by Feri elders Victor and Cora Anderson, they discuss subjects such as:

  • The triune soul
  • Etheric sight
  • The human aura
  • Out-of-body experiences
  • Astral sex
    • Feri prayers and exercises, including:
    • The Ha Prayer--to raise mana for successful spells and prayers
    • The Kala Rite--to clear energy blocks
    • The Flower Prayer--to contact the Personal God

Etheric Anatomy provides all seekers, regardless of their spiritual path or tradition, with the information to better understand the nature of the soul and expand their psychic skills.

Victor H. Anderson and Cora Anderson were the seminal teachers of the Feri Tradition, and together they trained some of the most influential voices in neo-Paganism, including Starhawk and Gwydion Pendderwen. They began teaching the tradition in California in the 1950s. Victor rose to fame with the publication of his first book of poetry, Thorns of the Blood Rose, in 1970, and Cora's articles were featured in Witch Eye and Circle magazines, and her recipes were published in Women's Circle.


"For the first time in print, here are described personal accounts of sexuality on the astral plane as experienced by the author. Victor offers a frank discussion of human sexuality, both physical and non-, presenting views quite progressive even today, but especially for the time in which they were originally recorded.

"The information presented is sound and diverse. In true shaman’s style, discussions of larger topics are often peppered with commentary and personal examples, making this more than just an information manual. It is the product of personal experience and as such is an invaluable tool to anyone who wishes to understand and experience deeper levels of consciousness, regardless of one’s chosen spiritual path.

"This is a must have for any Pagan, Witch, healer, or practicing occultist." -- Storm Faerywolf, editor of Witch Eye, and author of The Stars Within the Earth

"For those who never got the opportunity to meet the Andersons, this is the next best thing to being there....

"Part Three: Astral Sex provides never before published information written by Victor Anderson... This section alone is worth the purchase price....

"I would imagine that most folks working with and studying the Feri Tradition have the title article in a clunky binder somewhere along with various and sundry other Feri writings by their teachers and others. I find that having the article in book format, along with related introductory Feri material is quite handy. The book is small and convenient to carry... This book should be in every Feri's library." -- Michele Jackson, Witch Eye magazine

"This book is striking proof of the richness and depth of American Pagan practices and beliefs. Even from the other side of the veil, Victor Anderson continues to offer valuable teachings to magical folk of all kinds." -- M. Macha NightMare, author of Pagan Pride and The Pagan Book of the Living and Dying (with Starhawk)

"An excellent key teaching for magickal spirituality seekers

"Poet, mystic, and visionary are words often used to describe Victor H. Anderson. Ecstatic seeker, wise elder, grand high priest, and beloved witch would also be accurate. . . .

"Victor and Cora use poetic yet straightforward language. As you read the book it's easy to imagine you are sitting next to them on a porch gently rocking in rocking chairs as they talk to you. Cora and Victor speak like loving relatives sharing their knowledge; they do not talk down to their students or lecture as some nonfiction authors do. Their genuine, practical mysticism comes across clearly in what they say and teach. . . .

"The book explores the topic of astral sex with honesty and tact. . . .

"Etheric Anatomy is an engrossing glimpse into the core teachings of a vital spiritual path. Students of Feri will find a lot to consider in this book, and initiates of other spiritual paths will find ideas and inspiration that can help them deepen their own personal spiritual practice. Unfortunately Victor passed away in 2001 but his teachings live on, surviving in his wife Cora and the many initiates of the Feri tradition." -- Ben Gruagach, columnist for MysticWicks Magazine, contributor to Circle Magazine and Northumberland Mystical Gathering Newsletter

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