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Ibn Ezra: The Beginning of Wisdom

Ibn Ezra: The Beginning of Wisdom (New)

by Epstein, Meira

Publisher: ARHAT (Robert Hand)

Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9780966226645, 096622664X

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Meira Epstein, Translator, with annotations by Meira Epstein and Robert Hand. Translated from the original Hebrew

The Beginning of Wisdom is a one of the most important of the basic medieval texts of astrology. Originally written in Hebrew by Ibn Ezra it was translated into old French by Hagin de Juif and thence into Latin by Peter of Abano among others. It served as the backbone to an extensive and quite complete textbook of astrology by Ibn Ezra which which also included The Book of Reasons, The Book of Nativities and others which we expect to have from Ms. Epstein over the next few years.

We can do no better to summarize the contents of Ibn Ezra's books than to give you Ibn Ezra's own introduction to The Beginning of Wisdom.

Ibn Ezra's Introduction to The Beginning of Wisdom:

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God, for it is the instruction. For when a man does not follow his eyes and heart to fulfill his [worldly] desire, then wisdom will rest in him. Moreover, the fear of God will protect him from the laws and ordinances of the heavens all the days of his life, and when his soul separates from his body, it (the fear of God) will endow him with eternity and he shall live forever. So, here I shall begin to interpret the laws of the heavens according to the rules as practiced by the ancients, generation after generation, and after I complete this book I shall compose a book of interpretation of the reasons, and to God I shall pray for help, amen.

This Book Is Divided into Ten Chapters.

  • The first chapter [deals with] the form of the wheel, its parts, its signs and its images, the seven planets, their elevation, their strength, their motion, and their rulership.
  • The second chapter [deals with] the influence of the signs, their ascension, their effect, the co-mixture of the [fixed] stars, and the images.
  • The third chapter [deals with] the aspects of the degrees, the influence of the quadrants of the wheel, and the twelve houses.
  • The fourth chapter [deals with] the nature of the seven planets, their influence, and whatever they indicate for all that are created on Earth.
  • The fifth chapter [deals with] the planets, when their power increases, and when it diminishes [based on their house position and aspects].
  • The sixth chapter [deals with] the strength of the planets themselves [based on their orbital motion and position], and [also] according to their position before the Sun or after it.
  • The seventh chapter [deals with] the aspects of the planets and their conjunctions, their co-mixture, their separation, and the general rules regarding the mixture of their powers with one another, and all that these indicate.
  • The eighth chapter [deals with] the judgment of the planets in inquiries, nativities, and revolutions.
  • The ninth chapter [deals with] the lots of the planets, the lots of the houses, and all other lots that astrologers have mentioned.
  • The tenth chapter [deals with] the orb of light of the seven planets, the way they are directed, and their translation over the degrees of the wheel, and what these indicate in general.
  • Every learned [person] who investigates this science can observe the motion of the seven planets, that they are faster in their motion than their motion in the superior wheel, their motion in their [own] spheres against the superior stars which are in the wheel of the zodiac, and all the motions around the solid, which is the Earth, like the point inside the circle. Then one will realize that although these motions are even and direct, their effect will vary according to the regions. This is known from the number of degrees of the wheel, its left (northern) and southern images (signs), and the knowledge of the seven planets, their nature -- general and particular -- and all their actions.
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