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Masha'allah: On Reception

Masha'allah: On Reception (New)

by Hand, Robert

Publisher: ARHAT (Robert Hand)

Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9780966226621, 0966226623


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This is one of the earliest texts that we have of horary astrology. Not only that but it has fully worked out examples. For all students of traditional horary, this is a must especially since it challenges basic principles commonly found in later works.

Summary of content:

  • Introduction by the Translator: Introduces the book and some of the more important methods by which Masha'allah analyzes a question.
  • Introduction: Here begins the Book of Masha'allah On Reception. The section briefly sets forth the objectives of the book.
  • Chapter I: What is Reception? This chapter defines reception which is the cornerstone of the method of this book.
  • Chapter II: Concerning Whether a Matter about Which One Has Hopes Will Be Accomplished or Not. This chapter describes Masha'allah teachings concerning perfection, what accomplishement and what does not. The method of relaying disposition by means of successive applications is introduced as well as a method for determining which better indicates the querent, the ruler of the Ascendant, or the Moon.
  • Chapter III: Concerning Whether One Who Is Ill Will Be Delivered or Will Die. This is the first of two case studies on someone suffering from an illness. A complete description of how Masha'allah deals with such a question. This is the first of six of completely worked out chart examples, one of the features of this book which makes it so valuable for students of traditional horary methods.
  • Chapter IV: A Question Concerning an Ill Person. This is a second case study on illness. This case study has been placed on this website in full: Chapter from Masha'allah on Horary
  • Chapter V: Concerning Substance. This chapter deals with questions concerning getting substance (i.e., money or other forms of wealth) at some future time regardless of the source.
  • Chapter VI: Concerning Money Which Has Been Lent. The subject of the chapter should be self-evident!
  • Chapter VII: An Interrogation Concerning Things Left by a Certain Dead Person. This is another case study which concerns inheritance.
  • Chapter VIII: Concerning Kingship, Whether It Will Be Acquired. This is a general introduction to the matter of whether or not a querent will obtain a kingship or other high office. Today we might apply the same logic to getting a job or a promotion if such a job or promotion involves a sufficiently high-status position.
  • Chapter IX: A Question Concerning Kingship. This is the first of three case studies involving the acquisition of high office.
  • Chapter X: A Question Concerning Kingship. This is the second of the three case studies involving the acquisition of high office.
  • Chapter XI: Concerning the Discovery of the Hyleg. This chapter comes right in the middle of all the preceding and following horary material. This chapter is straight natal astrology and does not seemingly belong in this text. But it is here and it seems to come from a separate tradition not closely related to the Book of Nativities attributed to the same author.
  • Chapter XII: A Question Concerning a Kingship. This is the third and by far most elaborate case study involving high office. This study shows just how much one can squeeze out of a simple chart involving only seven planets.
  • Appendix: The Charts of On Reception, Technical Details. This is contributed by your translator. It is a technical analysis in modern language of the most important details pertaining to Masha'allah's methods. The section also investigates questions of house division, zodiac and other technical details. This should be very useful to help those who have a bit of trouble with learning techniques directly from translations.
98 Pages: Perfect-bound Paper

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