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A Practical Guide to Traditional Astrology (New)

by Crane, Joseph

Publisher: ARHAT (Robert Hand)

Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9780966226614, 0966226615


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Professional astrologer, psychotherapist and teacher, Joseph Crane writes openly to modern astrologers about ideas and techniques from the past. A gifted teacher, Crane conveys the most difficult material from the late Hellenistic and medieval periods in a manner that is easy to read, understand and apply to your own charts. As our first secondary source work, A Practical Guide to Traditional Astrology is a first must read for all astrologers. Crane is empowered with an understanding of both ancient and modern technique that is difficult to master, and for this deserves much respect.

A Practical Guide to Traditional Astrology consists of an introduction plus six chapters. The first chapter, titled Traditional Planetary Dignity and Disposition, is a thorough introduction to nature and usage of the five essential dignities, both in the ancient and medieval traditions.

The second chapter, Angles and Houses, covers the differences between ancient and modern uses of houses and pays special attention to the most ancient house system of all, still in use in Jyotish or Hindu Astrology, the whole-sign or sign-as-house system in which each sign makes up one entire house.

The third chapter, Aspects in Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology, covers the uses of aspects in both ancient and medieval astrology and reveals a number of facets of ancient aspect theory largely unknown to modern astrologers.

The fourth chapter, Planets as Significators in Ancient Astrology, reveals the role of the planets in indicating types of personality, categories of employment and many other functions which modern astrology tends to assign to signs or houses.

The fifth chapter, Planetary Sect, is a concise, yet comprehensive, introduction to the behavior of astrological symbols in daytime and nighttime births, also known as sect. Other important issues described include the symbolism of the four qualities, Dry, Hot, Wet, Cold, which are much less well known than the four elements but which are more fundamental than the elements and actually are the basis of the elements.

The sixth chapter, The Phases of the Planets, deals with one of the most difficult areas of traditional Western Astrology, the movements of the planets with respect to the Sun. The tradition is split on basic definitions and how to employ them. This chapter goes a long way to clarifying the issues involved.

Each chapter is liberally illustrated with examples from modern practice designed to illustrate the principles clearly in a way that modern astrologers can understand.

115 Pages Perfect-bound Paper

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