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Oneirocritica: The Interpretation of Dreams by Artemidorus (New)

by Artemidorus

Publisher: Original Books, Inc.

Binding: Hardcover

Book ID: 9780944558034, 0944558038


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(An English translation of a 2nd Century AD Greek Classic by Robert J. White.)

Oneirocritica is the most comprehensive, the most sought after and the most quoted book on dream interpretation, to have been written from antiquity to present times. This is more than an elaborate dream dictionary. Artemidorus, a 2nd Century AD professional dream-interpreter, tried to impart to his son, and thus to anyone reading this book today, the basic principles he followed, to reveal the dreamer's psyche and future.

All human cultures have entertained the common belief that dream images, like words in a language foreign to us, have hidden meanings trying to convey the secrets of our personality or of our future. We are fortunate to have Professor White's superb, first time, complete translation into English of this unique work on dream interpretation, coming to us from an early professional of this ancient art. Moreover the translation has been enriched by Professor White's in depth commentary on the text and on the vast Greek and Roman culture of Artemidorus' time.

Artemidorus writes: "I have not relied upon conjectures here, nor have I constructed a system of probabilities. My writing is based on personal experience. I myself have observed, in each occasion, how these dreams have come true." The extensively revised index pages of this second edition are designed to be of help to curious readers trying to make sense of their own dreams. Also, dream subjects or symbols, of which Artemidorus wrote, have been highlighted in bold-face by the publisher.

THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS, Oneirocritica by Artemidorus, translation and commentary by Robert J. White, revised and enlarged 2nd Edition, 1990 by Original Books, Inc., hardback, 9" x 6", 344 pages, 2.5lb.,

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