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The Fool's Pilgrimage: Meditations on the Spiritual Path Through Kabbalah and Tarot (New)

by Hoeller, Stephan A.

Publisher: Quest Books

Binding: Paperback with CD

Book ID: 9780835608398, 0835608395

Price: $17.95


The Kabbalah (or Judaic Tree of Life) and the Tarot -- an ancient divinatory system of symbolic cards -- are two of the most powerful tools for spiritual development the Western mystery tradition has ever evolved. This classic work reveals the links between the two, showing that, together, they provide a profound and trustworthy guide for the spiritual journey. Beginners and experienced users alike will find lasting value in regard to what Stephen Hoeller calls our one purpose: To attain union with God.

First published in 1975 as The Royal Road, this new edition is retitled The Fool’s Pilgrimage in reference to the first card of the Tarot deck, which depicts us all as the youthful, carefree spiritual pilgrim, at the peak and bathed in light, on the precipice and yet safe, instincts intact in the form of the joyful dog at his heels.

The Tarot consists of two kinds of cards: the Minor Arcana, which speaks to everyday realities (whence our modern playing deck comes), and the Major Arcana, twenty-two other cards that represent universal archetypes -- beginning with the Fool and including the Magician, the Lovers, the High Priestess, the Emperor, and so on. Dr. Hoeller relates each of these latter cards to the paths connecting the ten way stations of developing consciousness on the Kabbalah -- from the physical foundation to the mystical crown -- complete with graphic illustrations.

Notably, this new edition includes a CD of Dr. Hoeller’s gentle, avuncular voice leading readers through the twenty-two meditations he provides in the book to help facilitate the spiritual journey. (The enthusiasm of his students, for whom he originally developed these meditations, is what first prompted him to write the book.) Throughout, the work remains unique for the lucidity of Dr. Hoeller’s guidance, which demystifies and makes accessible the practical wisdom in each arcane system for progressing upward in consciousness and living in harmony with the Divine.

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