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The Book of the Glyph

The Book of the Glyph (New)

by Iterum, Frater Adsum

Publisher: Xlibris

Binding: Paperback

Book ID: 9780738834467, 0738834467


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"Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, a small group of magicians have constructed a great magickal device aimed at no lesser a task than altering the face of the sociopolitical landscape of an entire city . . . It seems to be working."

And thatīs how it began...almost.

It actually began with an "magick energy collector" built into the landscape of a place by selective plantings and street-planning. A group of Grey magicians operating between the wars, and associated with anthropologist Margaret Mead, constructed a grid by planning development in a particular cityīs neighborhood such that psychic energy was collected therefrom and funneled along a particular vertex into a certain country-club where they, as the clubīs founders, once gathered. Much of it was built around a 60-degree triangle, the span of which encompassed all of the inner city. It was said that this device focused and moved energy down a certain path into the country club while another device regulated the flow by siphoning off excess to be shunted down some sort of 'energy vortex'. Yes, we are aware that this is beginning to sound pretty lame... But we had to try it, right?

The Book of the Glyph is the story of this project as played out in Our Fair City, from the bloody riots that seemed to necessitate its construction, to itīs most current test-phase. The book is composed of three parts:

Section 1 is a narrative which details the events leading up to the conception and birth of the idea, stepping through the procedures, design philosophy and creation process, along with a few concise lectures on matters of import to the Western tradition.

Section 2 is really the heart of the matter, being the complete compendium of liturgical remarks, ceremonies and seasonal celebrations written and performed to date. As the members of the Companions of the Glyph, Prime Lodge, use the rites and practices of the Order Aurum Solis, and have ties to the Guardian Society, this may offer insight to those interested in magickal orders other than the O.T.O. or the Golden Dawn, though the liturgical design is easily flexible enough to accommodate them.

Section 3 is nothing less than a complete collection of planetary correspondences as used by the Companions of the Glyph, optimized for the project at hand--nearly a small book in itself, a slightly truncated copy of the larger, interactive work currently located online at

While the book is--at the very least--a ripping good yarn, perhaps even tongue in cheek, it might just as easily function as a field handbook for the serious researcher. Either way, it can only open doors of discovery.

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