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SYSTEMA LOCORUM THEOLOGICORUM e Sacra Potissimum Scriptura, & Antiquitate (Used)

by Calovius, Abraham.


Binding: Vellum

Book ID: 20556, 20556


Michael Wendt 1659/1661, Wittenberg. "SYSTEMA LOCORUM THEOLOGICORUM e Sacra Potissimum Scriptura, & Antiquitate, nec non Adversariorum Confessione Doctrinam, Praxin, & Controversiarum Fidei cum Veterum, tum Imprimis Recentiorum Petractationem Incelentam Exhibens. Tomus Tertius, quo Continentur Articuli Fidei de SS Trinitate, Deo Patre, Filio Dei, Spiritu Sancto, Creatione, Providentia, Fruitione Dei, cum Indice Capitum, Materiarum, & Quaestionum. Tomus Quartus, quo Proponuntur Articuli, De Angelis in Genere ut & Angelis Bonis, & Malis in Specie. De Homine in Statu Integritatis, Imagine Dei, & Lege Divina, ac Libero Arbitrio in primaevo Statu. Cum Indice Capitum, Materiarum, & Quaestionum." 1236+739pp The third and fourth parts of the 'System of Theological Commonplaces.' The third part deals with the doctrine of God, at a length proportionate to His immensity. The fourth treats of the angelic orders good and bad, and of the state of humankind in the Garden of Eden. Abraham Calovius, (1612-1686), was an eminent Lutheran theologian of great analytical intelligence but extreme dogmatic rigor and ferocity. He was called to teach and preach at Wittenberg, where he put himself forward as the guardian of Lutheran orthodoxy. Much of his career was spent in polemics against theological opponents, especially those Lutherans whose open-mindedness led Calovius to believe that they were compromising the absolute purity of the Lutheran system. His 'System of Theological Commonplaces' is a monument of classical Lutheran theology and a masterpiece of argumentation, and is still read with admiration by conservative Lutherans today, especially in the USA. Rare, no copies of either parts at auction for the last 15 years. a wonderfully preserved copy, completely original, tight and firm, textually perfect including fly's and blanks, one small dent in foredge, trivial dust soiling to vellum, excellent margins, mostly fine condition contemporary vellum stamped 1670 on front cover, lengthy contemporary manuscript titles on spine.

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