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Pali Text Society Tipitaka (Pali Canon Translation) - 43 Books (New)

by Pali Text Society

Publisher: Pali Text Society

Binding: Hardcover

Book ID: 13XXE2, 13XXE2


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This is the English translation of the Tipitaka. Books are listed by the English title with the Pali title in parenthesis. This set includes:

From the Vinaya-pitaka:

  • 1. Book of Discipline, 6-volume set (Vinaya-pitaka)

From the Sutta-pitaka:

  • 2. Book of Gradual Sayings, 5-volume set (Anguttara-nikaya)
  • 3. Book of Kindred Sayings, 5-volume set (Samutta-nikaya)
  • 4. Dialogues of the Buddha, 3-volume set (Digha-nikaya)
  • 5. Elders Verses, 2 volume set (Therigatha/Theragatha)
  • 6. Group of Discourses (Suttanipata)
  • 7. Itivuttaka
  • 8. Jataka, 3-volume set
  • 9. Middle Length Sayings, 3-volume set (Majhima-nikaya)
  • 10. Minor Anthologies, Volume III (Buddhavamsa/Cariyapitaka)
  • 11. Minor Readings (Khuddakapatha)
  • 12. Path of Discrimination (Patisambhidamagga)
  • 13. Peta Stories (Petavatthu)
  • 14. Udana
  • 15. Vimana Stories (Vimanavatthu)
  • 16. Word of the Doctrine (Dhammapada)
  • Nidessa, No PTS translation yet available
  • Apadana, No PTS translation yet available

From the Abhidhamma-pitaka:

  • 17. Book of Analysis (Vibhanga)
  • 18. Buddhist Psychological Ethics (Dhammasangani)
  • 19. Conditional Relations, 2-volume set (Tikapatthana)
  • 20. Designation of Human Types (Puggalapannatti)
  • 21. Discourse on Elements (Dhatukatha)
  • 22. Points of Controversy (Kathavatthu)
  • Yamaka: No PTS translation yet available
  • Dukapatthana: No PTS translation yet available

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