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THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURAL MAGIC "Official Edition. A Complete Work on Natural Magic, White Magic, Bl

THE PHILOSOPHY OF NATURAL MAGIC "Official Edition. A Complete Work on Natural Magic, White Magic, Bl (Used)

by Agrippa Von Nettesheim, H


Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket

Book ID: 11310, 11310


Seacaucus: University Books 1974 (reprinting the de Laurence edition of 1913), 307pp, 11 illustrations and etchings, most of which are full-page, plus three pages of alchemical symbols. The portrait frontispiece of Agrippa, called for in the table of contents was omitted by the publisher. The last two pages are ads for de Laurence books, a very good sound copy. There has been a lot of confusion regarding this book, it's various editions and manipulations, and while Leslie Shepard clarifies some things he creates more. We quote from his foreword: "Agrippa's great system of Magic was compiled in three books of Occult Philosophy, originally written in Latin, as was the fashion of those times for such treatises. Agrippa was, incidentally, a skilled linguist, and had mastered eight languages. The present work--Natural Magic--is the first of his three books. It was circulated in manuscript (sic) form for some years before being printed. The very rare first edition was published at Antwerp in 1531. the full edition of De Occulta Philosophia in three books was published in 1533, with a second issue containing some corrections." Shepard continues: "The present edition is a reprint of a conflated version of 1913 prepared by the redoubtable L. W. de Laurence, a flamboyant occult publisher of Chicago, Illinois, who described himself as "The Greatest Adept Living Today." In spite of this dubious provenance, this edition is still the best general introduction to the work and thought of Agrippa for the general reader. The original book has been thoroughly edited and revised, as only a specialist scholar would wish to plough through the quaint typography and crabbed English of the seventeenth century printing. This present edition has also been embellished with a Table of the Cabbala and Tarot, various additional chapters and mystical illustrations and also some details of the early life of Cornelius Agrippa extracted from the scarce biography by Henry Morley, published London 1856." The book is more of a historical relic thanks to the Donald Tyson edition which makes all previous English language editions obsolete.

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