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BUCHANAN'S JOURNAL OF MAN. Volume IV, No.1 January-No.12 December 1853. (Used)

by Buchanan, Joseph R.


Binding: Hardcover

Book ID: 10608, 10608


Cincinnati 1854, 368pp, the text is very good condition but the binding is deteriorating, deserves restoration. All issues are rare. Buchanan was one of the most remarkable men who ever came out of the entire Spiritualist-Mesmerist epoch. As a young medical doctor, and after many experiments, he was able to prove to himself and his associates that all life and matter emanated a certain force and that some people were able to read the 'impressions' and gain information about any kind of thing or object they held. For example by holding somebody's small possession in hand a 'psychometrist' could tell you some things about the health and character of that person. It was Buchanan who coined the term psychometry. This lead him to so many new ideas about reality and physiology that he quit his job as president of the Eclectic Medical Institute to research and write full time. Buchanan's discovery of psychometry began with a conversation he had with General Polk (Episcopal Bishop Leonidas), who described his curious sensitivity to metals. When he touched for example brass in the dark he instantly knew it was brass because he could taste it in his mouth, a scientific impossibility. He also had peculiar reactions to weather and certain foods. See an excellent summation of his writings in Melton, and the more complete bio-bibliography in Blavatsky's Collected Writings. A brilliant, inquisitive, open-minded man, Buchanan was a child prodigy, medical doctor, and professor of psychology. He moved to San Jose California in his last years and wrote the most unusual and strangest of all his books, Primitive Christianity, published the year before his death.

Treading the Mill: Workings in Traditional Witchcraft (Revised and expanded) Treading the Mill: Workings in Traditional Witchcraft (Revised and expanded)
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The Book of Magic: From Antiquity to the Enlightenment (Penguin Classics) The Book of Magic: From Antiquity to the Enlightenment (Penguin Classics)
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." . . as when iron is drawn to a magnet, camphor is sucked into hot air, crystal lights up in the Sun, sulfur and a volatile liquid are kindled by flame, an empty eggshell filled with dew is raised towards the Sun . . ."

The Bible is full of stories featuring forms of magic and possession--from Moses battling with Pharao...

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Tarot Sola Busca: Ferrara XV Century Tarot Sola Busca: Ferrara XV Century
Lo Scarabeo
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The companion booklets f...

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Howard, Michael
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In his fourth book in the Witchcraft of the British Isles series, Michael Howard examines the Craft of East Anglia, one of the richest areas of historical witchcraft and folk magic in England. From the private witch of William the Conqueror to the cunning men and women of the marshes and fens, to the Toad-witches and the appalling deeds of the witch-finders, the book is a trove of historical information on the actual folk magical practices of East Anglia. Also examined are the spirits of localit...

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