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LIGHTSOURCE: A Sacred Geometry Experience. Deep Time Dreaming (DVD, soundtrack with Hemi-Sync)

LIGHTSOURCE: A Sacred Geometry Experience. Deep Time Dreaming (DVD, soundtrack with Hemi-Sync) (New)



Binding: DVD

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LIGHTSOURCE DVD with Deep Time Dreaming and Hemi-Sync journeys to a zone beyond time and space where the mind becomes empty and Spirit becomes manifest.

LIGHTSOURCE doesn't just look and sound like a shamanic experience, it actually feels like one. Drawing on imagery that is both ancient and divine, LIGHTSOURCE leaves little doubt that there is a SACRED GEOMETRY which transcends and includes all spiritual paths. Influences from Mayan, Tibetan, Islamic/Judeo/Christian, Egyptian cosmologies -- and Alchemy, too -- all merge into Oneness with animation so beautiful it's entrancing.

The Deep Time Dreaming soundtrack is a shamanic chant that reverberates to the bone, using tones and rhythms that draw you deep into sonic ceremony with energies from a world far beyond the ordinary.

Robert Monroe explored and named the out-of-body experience and wrote the definitive books that describe it. Now, after 50 years of exploration, research and development, Monroe Products' Hemi-Sync technology has become synonymous with healing, alternate realities, and brave journeys of the soul.

LIGHTSOURCE showcases 12 sacred geometries by digital alchemist Mika Feinberg, including classics such as: The Flower of Life, The Sri Yantra, The Endless Knot, Metatron's Cube, The Kabbalah Tree of Life, and The Vesica Piscis. There are also the extravagantly beautiful new forms, Cross of the Spheres and Nested Inscribed Polygons.

Deep Time Dreaming, a full-length Hemi-Sync Metamusic soundtrack from Monroe Products, is a multi-textured shamanic masterpiece featuring ancient sound worlds from Byron Metcalf, accompanied by organic trance percussionist Mark Seelig. Includes designer Hemi-Sync frequencies that induce transcendent inner journeys and profoundly deep meditative mind states. LIGHTSOURCE with Deep Time Dreaming and Hemi-Sync is a journey you will want to embark upon many times.

74 minutes long. Wide Screen and Full Screen versions. Extras include 'About Hemi-Sync' video with Laurie Monroe, and Sacred Symbols slideshow with "Shaman's Heart" soundtrack.

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