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The English Paracelsians (The Watts History of Science Library)

The English Paracelsians (The Watts History of Science Library) (Out of Print)

by Debus, Allen G.


Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket

Book ID: A4873, A4873


Franklin Watts 1966. First American edition. Hardcover. Large 8vo. 222pp. Green cloth with black title, etc. to spine and upper board., b&w illustrations, bibliography and index. A volume of the Watts History of Science Library series. "Paracelsus and his followers, considered by some as charlatans but by others as the great forerunners of modern science, are here portayed as occupying the middle position between the old world and the new. Deeply influenced by the occult they nevertheless laid great stress on chemistry as an aid to medicine -- an emphasis which affected the development of both fields. The old philosophic approach is blended in their work with many of the new ideas of the dawning Scientific Revolution. This book is long overdue and graphically portrays this crucial stage in the history of science." An examination of Paracelsus and his followers and their influence on the dawning of the "scientific revolution" by the renowned scholar Allen George Debus (1926-2009). Very good coverage of Robert Fludd among others. Includes extensive 30 page bibliography of key works of English alchemy.

Spine ends lightly bruised, cloth a trifle darkened at edges, page edges a bit dusty and slightly darkened, bookshop sticker front pastedown, penciled number on front blank, still a solid unmarked VG+ copy in Good + dust jacket (Dust jacket browned at edges, a little rubbed overall, clipped)

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